Personal emergencies

In the unfortunate event of a personal emergency, such as an illness or death in the family, guides can decide whether to make an exception to their standard cancellation policy. Guides may require travelers to provide documentation about this emergency, and they may choose to provide compensation as a credit for a future journey. These decisions are made by guides at their discretion.

Extenuating circumstances

Thermal's Extenuating Circumstances policy addresses unforeseen situations where travelers are unable to participate in an experience and the traveler can no longer cancel at their discretion. In these situations, Thermal will determine whether to supersede the guide's cancellation policy. Depending on the circumstance, travelers may receive a refund, travel credits, or other compensation to resolve the issue, which may impact guide compensation.

Thermal's Extenuating Circumstances policy applies in the following situations

Extenuating Circumstances do not include:

Everything else. We're very sorry if you have jury duty, an injury or illness, or you fail to catch your international flight. But these unfortunate events do not require Thermal guides to override their stated cancellation policy. In these situations, travelers are welcome to cancel, but any refunds are subject to the guide's cancellation policy.