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Booking and traveling

Find info on changing or canceling your reservation, payment options, contacting your guide, and more.


How do I read and send messages?

Do I need to message a guide before booking?

How do I contact a guide before booking a reservation?


How do I ask a question about a reservation?

How do I make a reservation?

How do I change my reservation?

How do I cancel my reservation?

Payments, pricing and refunds

When am I charged for my reservation?


How do reviews work?


We're a community of surfers who believe our best days on the water are the result of people who have dedicated their lives to sharing their passion for surfing with others.

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Messages and reservations

Pricing and availability


Cancellation and rescheduling


Is Thermal a travel agency?

What should I send to a booked traveler?

Should I continue to message through Thermal with booked travelers?

How long do I hold an approved reservation?

How do taxes work?

What are guide responsibilities?

What if I have a problematic traveler?

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